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Treasurer Curtis Loftis’ Statement on Pension Support

You have probably heard that the mismanaged pension system wants the General Assembly to remove me as their watchdog. They want to remove your advocate. They want the power for themselves. Their pension debt is $25 billion. It is as large as the state budget and the state doesn’t have enough money to pay it.

Lawmakers Talk Pension as Top Priority

“The pension needs to be a top priority during this session, and it’s good to see legislators realizing that,” said Treasurer Curtis Loftis. “They need to come up with a permanent solution to fix the pension now, before it’s too late.”

Treasurer Curtis Loftis Talks Pension Solutions

Treasurer Curtis Loftis told WIS that the state will keep its promise of the retirement benefits but at a cost. Loftis is not calling for a tax, but said lawmakers may see it as a possible option. He emphasized that the pension crisis is a result of 15 years of mismanagement.

The 25 Names of Christmas with Treasurer Curtis Loftis

The countdown to Christmas may be over, but Treasurer Curtis Loftis wants you to know that you can still have unclaimed property waiting for you. Treasurer Loftis and WLTX counted down the 25 Names of Christmas throughout the month of December.

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